Beyond We Were Evergreen: where to get your next electro-pop fix

We Were Evergreen

We’re always hesitant to make recommendations because we figure the type of people who would be interested in helpful info on great electro-pop bands to check out have already checked out every great electro-pop band we could mention. But in the hopes that we can play matchmaker with even just one person and one electro-pop band we will press on and let you know where to look once you’re ready to move on from bopping to We Were Evergreen in your car every damn day.

Charli XCX

Ah, yeah. If our aim was to help you uncover electro-pop acts you’ve never heard of then we’re probably off to a bad start. But hear us out! Charli XCX may be super famous and her songs may have been all over the radio two summers in a row, but have you really given her a chance? Or did you write her off because you hate that Iggy Azalea song she’s on? If you can look past her collabs with Icona Pop and the aforementioned Iggy as well as the songs she’s released that movie trailers have played the hell out of, you’ll find some super-rad girl power electro-pop lurking under her commercial successes.

Gazelle Twin

Speaking of awesome women. Gazelle Twin is the stage name of Elizabeth Bernholz, a British composer whose latest release – 2014’s Unflesh – is her most critically acclaimed yet, a dark but danceable album that covers topics ranging from euthanasia to European colonization. If Werner Herzog and Iggy Pop had ever managed to have a baby, it would’ve grown up to be Gazelle Twin.

Röyksopp & Robyn

Yes, we’re all aware that Robyn used to release formulaic pop songs in the 90s. No one cares. She’s more than made up for it in the years that have followed so please, go back to occasionally listening to Show Me Love in secret on your iPod. In pairing up with Röyksopp, Robyn has created an EP called Do It Again that will make you wish these two artists do exactly that. A pair of collaborators with complementary strengths, this EP feels like it should be a lot longer than the five songs it is. Here’s hoping for a follow-up.


If We Were Evergreen is about as funky as you like your electro-pop to get, then we’d probably recommend you skip this recommendation. The Canadian duo of Chromeo is a little more electro-funk than electro-pop, but with guest appearances on their latest LP White Women from Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, Solange Knowles, and LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney, Chromeo is the kind of band you can throw on the stereo at a party to get every single head bobbing. It’s the chain pizza of electro-pop, but hey, most people like Domino’s.

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