How Many Lights Do I Really Need?


One of the most popular questions in the flashlight industry is how many lights do you really need. Like so many other questions that need to be answered out there this question has no right or wrong answer. When it comes to asking how many flashlights you really need the answer is really going to depend on your personal preferences, as well as what you use flashlights for. If you have ever asked a known flashlight enthusiast or even a survivalist this question chances are you have gotten several different answers, including an answer telling you they have no idea because they had never really thought about the question before. Since we are avid flashlight guys we want to answer all of your flashlight questions, including the ones that can’t seem to be answered.

One of the first things that you need to understand when we answer this question is that there is a difference between want and need. Want has no limits; it is simply buying the light because you want it for whatever reason. Many serious flashlight enthusiasts have collections of lights hence they are simply feeding their want. Need is a different story, it is something that you have to have for survival. When it comes to needing some say you only need one good light, while others say you need several good lights all for different locations. The number of lights you need will really depend on your exact circumstances.

One of the first things you need to determine in your quest to finding out how many lights you really need is to figure out the different places that you have to store a flashlight. For example, chances are you do not need one in every room in your house, but you do want to have one on each level at least. You will also want to have a light in any survival kits that you have around the house, as well as inside your car.  The key to having enough flashlights is to always ensure you have one where you are going to need it. For most people that means having about 5 different lights, but then you have to look at size and battery requirements.

Battery requirements are more of a personal preference, there really is no right or wrong choice. However, when it comes to battery requirements there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Lithium batteries are ideal for lights that stay in cars or survival packs as they have a longer shelf life and do not require the care and maintenance of lithium-ion batteries. Disposable batteries are great for convenience as they can often be found anywhere you are at even during an emergency. The trick to using disposables is always making sure you have enough extra sets with you to be prepared.

Size can be a matter of personal preference, but what determines size is really going to depend on where you plan to use your light, as well as for what purpose. Flashlights that you store in the car can be on the smaller size, ideal location would be inside the glove box although you can store bigger ones underneath the seat or inside the trunk. Medium sized lights are perfect for around the house and late night walks, while floodlights are ideal for camping. In the past people used to choose flashlights based on their size, as the bigger ones were often the most powerful ones. Today that no longer holds true, some of the smallest flashlights are also some of the most powerful lights to choose from.

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