Oded Napchi on Big Data and High Volume Quality Advertisement

Quality VS Quantity

The Network Approaches Failings

Before the advent of big data, the idea that advertisements could be tailored to an individual was pie-in-the-sky. According to Oded Napchi VP of Hiro Media, new techniques in advertising now allow for ads that are both tailored to incredibly specific audiences but are still able to reach a high volume of consumers.

Oded Napchi explained that big data has to date been utilized in a ‘network approach’. This essentially means advertisements on different sites are considered to be able to get the same results for the same user, assuming the advertisement is placed on a brand-safe site.
Using advertisements based on network appeal creates a problem, because network-based ads do not give the same amount of specificity that other approaches offer. There is no context for the ad to be based on.

The Halo-Effect Theory

Oded Napchi believes that knowing the platform advertisements are displayed on allows for much more successful advertisements, as a user can be considered different based on the platform he is viewing an ad on. The context in which a user sees your ad can affect how he feels about it.
It’s also far easier to create an advertisement designed for a specific audience if you know exactly what that audience is viewing. If networks have a variety of content, which attracts a varied audience, network-based advertisements will be less successful as a result.

According to Oded Napchi VP of Hiro Media, there are numerous techniques which combine both approaches to great success. Using a programmatic approach, advertisements are no longer blind to the content they are being displayed on, which allows for far more success through hypertargeting.

Highly Targeted, High Volume Ads

The idea that advertisers should tailor an advertisement based on the content it is being displayed upon is a relatively new approach. Yet while it may be new, it’s being looked in to by many different people in the industry. A high volume quality advertisement is always the goal, but in the past it was hardly obtainable. Fortunately it appears that new technology may soon change that and allow for high quality advertisements which also garner a large amount of viewers, and can be targeted on a much more precise level.
Big data has opened up many doors, and high volume tailored advertisement is just the beginning.

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