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Sailing with Style, Yet with the Utmost Caution: Daredevil Yachting in the Most Dangerous Spots

Daredevil Yachting

Sailing with style around the world can be a wondrous and very satisfying adventure. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind during each excursion that the open sea is an extremely dangerous place. Whether a sailor must face dreadful weather, or not-so-Disney type pirates, there are a few places to completely avoid or proceed with extreme caution. Ye be warned!

Black Diamond Sailing

When it comes to places where Mother Nature likes to show off, the Indian Ocean is a perfect stage. Its warmer temperature makes it perfect to stir up tsunamis, monsoons, and just some downright nasty storms. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the Indian Ocean is known to have strong surface currents, which can make navigating challenging, to say the least.

Another place infamous for its extreme weather conditions is Cape Horn. Located off the Hornos Islands, which are in the southern point of South America. Cape Horn is notorious to sailors for its hazardous conditions. When yachting through Cape Horn there are rough currents, strong winds, and icebergs.


Uninvited Guests

Pirates are a very real concern for anyone who embarks on a high seas adventure. The Gulf of Guinea is definitely one of the most dangerous places to yacht. These pirates are not all fun-loving yo-ho-ho Captain Jack Sparrow types, so get out of there quickly. Like, now.

Florida Follies

Florida has some very popular ports to begin sailing with style, but these ports can also send you toward the path of destruction! Timing is everything when leaving from a Florida port. Sailors will need to check the winds before crossing the Gulf Stream or even the most experienced will see just how dangerous this 45-mile wide “stream” that flows north at close to 2.5 knots can really be.

Triangle Terrors

Now let’s talk X-files. The Bermuda Triangle makes the list of dangerous places to yacht. Of course, no one knows why this is deemed such a dangerous spot; superstitious sailors just know to try to avoid it. There have indeed been enough unsolved disappearances to give the Bermuda Triangle this stigma. Mystery aside, the triangle is a perfect place for storms, hurricanes, and UFOs. Well, maybe not the latter, but the weather can be extreme in the Bermuda Triangle. Proceed with extreme caution, or fall prey to the ultimate “I told you so!”

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