5 Convenient Gadgets You’ll Want on Your Yacht


When yacht sailing, it’s sometimes the little home comforts that we come to miss. You might want to consider packing these unnecessary but useful gadgets along with you especially if you’re going out on a multi-day journey.

1. The Simple Shower costs only $12.99, and allows you to take a shower anywhere. All you need is a 2 L bottle and the Simple Shower device. Just screw the device into the 2 L bottle, which should be filled with your favorite body rinse or plain water, and voila! Just hold it overhead and you have an instant, simple shower.

2. The Icy Breeze Cooler Air Conditioner can be yours for about $400. It looks like a cooler, and acts like a cooler, it IS a cooler! However, its built-in 3-speed fan will blow the chilled air that is keeping your food and drinks cold out, so that it cools you too! A great item to have on those sunny, balmy days at sea.

3. The Survival Skybox by Champ. This hand cranked solar powered emergency weather radio is pretty handy. For only $99, you can stay in the know and be up-to-date on the latest emergency weather conditions. No batteries are needed since this radio works off either solar power or hand cranked energy that is stored in its onboard battery. You can also stream music via Bluetooth from your phone or tablet.

4. The Picnic Time Fusion Folding Chair is available for $119. This extremely lightweight folding chair supports up to 350 pounds and has attached drink holder and side table. It’s feather light and can be slung over the shoulder like a backpack. If you need extra deck seating, a few of these on the yacht can be useful.

5. The Handpresso Espresso Maker runs about $99. If the pressures of a difficult ocean voyage have got you wishing you had a latte but there’s no seaworthy Starbucks nearby, then this is just the item for you. The manufacturers claim that the end result will be an espresso just like mom used to make it home, whatever that means. This handheld device allows you to place your coffee and hot water in the coffee pod, use the handy handheld air pump, then flip the instant release valve and enjoy your soothing espresso in the comfort of your own private yacht – or anywhere for that matter!

We love keeping up with the latest high-tech gadgets for outdoorsmen. All the best in your yacht sailing adventures!

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